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Expanded offerings through our Partner Companies

Recently, we have been requested by some of our customers to offer services that frankly is not in our core expertise. In order for us, Allied Specialty Resouces (ASR), to maintain our focus we have decided to enlist partner companies that specialize in different areas versus trying to establish companies in multiple areas. We understand and our leadership has experience with previous companies trying to be “everything to everyone” which usually results in losing focus and losing customers due to poor quality. To prevent this from happening we are being selective about partner companies that specialize just as we do in very specific areas. By doing this, we can offer a bundled approach to our customers, and not sacrifice the quality of our service offering.

Again, this approach is another reason why Allied is different from our competition. Our goal is to focus on our business and be the best in those areas where we service, and enlist partner companies with that same focus to expand our offerings through a Partner company bundled approach.

Posted By Allied Specialty Resources
Posted on: March 16, 2015

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