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Finding the resources to meet tomorrow’s demand . . .

Today, companies are finding it extremely challenging to locate the resources needed for large projects and sometimes day to day maintenance. Many customers are then looking to immediately fill positions in critical areas and are struggling to find the right people. This is where Allied Specialty Resources provides SOLUTIONS to our customers throughout the United States. We have a network of thousands of qualified resources that we can tap into on a given moment’s notice and be able to fill our customer’s demands quickly.

ASR Is A Solutions Provider . . .

Qualified employees are key to the success of any organization. ASR’s personnel will blend into your company’s climate when additional people are needed who have specific talents and skills.

When you face uncompromising deadlines, ASR will provide you with qualified personnel to help complete the project.

Studies indicate productivity decreases as well as morale when overtime increases and becomes the normal instead of the exception. Supplement qualified in-house staff with ASR professionals to meet your deadlines efficiently and effectively.

The ASR Difference . . .

Our reputation for providing well-qualified employees at a reasonable cost in a timely manner is well-known with companies throughout the United States with a very strong presence in the Southeastern portion.

We excel in recruiting and screening qualified candidates. ASR’s experienced staff includes registered engineers, information technology analysts, and business professionals who understand your needs.

We maintain an extensive database of qualified employees in all technical areas and subscribe to a nationwide network of available employee candidates.

The ASR Advantage . . .

ASR handles employee payrolling, tax withholdings, unemployment tax, workers’ compensation and other employer/employee related cost and details. We provide up to $3M liability insurance on its employees who work with companies on temporary assignments.

We will work with companies to convert ASR employees into permanent employment with the company. By utilizing ASR personnel on a temporary basis, you will learn first-hand if they have the necessary qualifications, temperament, and personality to work successfully within your established organization’s culture before you make them a permanent job offer.

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Posted on: March 16, 2015

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